Imagine being a DJ based in Melbourne and heading to an amazing party that you are booked for. You arrive at a house that had been transformed, over many months, in preparation for the event.

Let’s say this was a 25th wedding anniversary party, and when the couple booked your services, you just clicked. They were into Motown and 60s stuff and put together an incredible track listing for the evening. They had over 200 guests coming and you got the impression they knew everyone worth knowing.

You would be really excited at the prospect of being the DJ Melbourne town was talking about.

As part of your prep, you wanted to see where they were going to put your and the deck, sort out power points, lighting ideas and where people would be dancing.

As you walked down into the beautifully kept garden, bordered with shrubs and bushes, you noticed that they had divided the grass from the hard standing of the patio with a series of weld mesh fence panels.

Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? But it was an eye-opener, for sure.

They’d used the panels in so many contrasting ways.

There were climbing roses and jasmine (and a few other plants you didn’t recognise – that smelled amazing) spaced out in terracotta pots along the base between pots of other flowers and what looked like herbs.

The jasmine and the roses had weaved their way up, through and around the welded wire mesh, masking and softening the appearance of the panels.

Dotted across the surface were an assortment of “window” boxes full of the kind of flowers found in hanging baskets – honeysuckle and other aromatics.

In between these were little sculptures of birds, squirrels and other animals, as well as some paintings and photos of different times during the couple’s marriage – holidays, kids, parents, cars, days out, surfing, horseback riding – you name it.

On top of the panels, they’d put some spot downlights and these set the whole thing off as it looked like the plants and objects were hanging in mid-air – it was quite mesmerising – with the DJ strobe lights and colours, the whole set-up really popped.

The photographer organised a section of the mesh panelling with backdrops of a Parisian street scene, New York from the Empire State Building and Sydney from the Harbour Bridge – the guests loved it.

If you’re looking for something completely offbeat in your own garden, you can see why someone couldn’t recommend the idea of the mesh panels highly enough.

They come in different sizes, of course, and with a range of fittings and fixtures so you can create shapes and designs – you can even have the panels overhead to form a kind of pagoda or walkway covered in plants and flowers.

One of the most innovative uses of the panels was to form a kind of “compound”, or closed-off area for the children to play in. Here they had a jumping castle, a five-a-side soccer pitch, face painting, some archery and a play area for the younger children.

The beauty of this is that, because of the mesh, the whole section is secure and safe and can be easily supervised by the adults.

This is just one idea that would give you – as a professional DJ or performer – a special and lasting impression.

You don’t need to be a top performer from the best Melbourne entertainment company to know that setting the scene at any event is the cornerstone to its success.

Just imagine how important it would be to have waited for that event or special occasion to take place. A whole evening usually takes a great deal of planning. It could be that the hosts have been involved with booking caterers and a photographer for well over a year – especially with a backlog caused by COVID and lockdowns.

Ways to really take your entertaining to a new level

If you have the benefit of a large house, then that spaciousness can be utilised to the fullest. It can become a big part of the soiree. It could be where some of the family were staying, where breakfast would be served, and the kitchen area might be used to prep and serve the drinks for the evening.

You could have food all looked after in a large marquee by a professional catering company, with proper stainless steel shelving, hobs and hygiene.

Waiters could circulate with the food and drink – and the menu could encompass all tastes – from steaks and burgers to quinoa and salads.

Seating can be divided into an eating zone with benches and long tables and a relaxing and “sitting” zone with recliners and low seating with small “coffee tables” where guests could relax and talk and drink.

If it was a special event like that 25th wedding anniversary then you could complete it with some serious fireworks – and, again, these could be sectioned into a safe and secluded part of the garden so there is a limit to any accidents, and no danger to anyone.

So – if you’re looking for a Melbourne-based entertainment company that can help you plan and execute an unforgettable event, there’s one name that stands out from the crowd.

You get the added value of having a team of experts who can take care of every aspect of your event, from venue preparation to the entertainment, leaving you free to enjoy the party with your guests. That’s a dream come true in many ways.

It’s easier than you might think to have a night to remember for everyone involved.

While a party or event like the one we just mentioned isn’t aligned with everyone’s budget, it’s perfectly possible to create a similar vibe and atmosphere without all the trimmings. The secret is in the planning – and knowing your guests and what will go down well with them.

With a combination of clever lighting, fixtures, art installations and furniture pieces that were quirky yet stylish, you can create a truly memorable experience for everybody.

You can be the one who reaps the reward of a dedication and attention to detail in preparing the venue for the party. The guests’ positive reaction will be a testament to all that hard work.

Thinking ahead and ‘outside the box’ can mean that your event and occasion can be truly special.

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