Global warming debate rages in Australian parliament

Global warming debate rages in Australian parliament

The senators, with tired and bleary eyes, managed to avoid having to stay overnight in parliament. However, the extensive debate regarding Australia’s plan to achieve net-zero emissions is still ongoing.

During Tuesday and Wednesday, senators resorted to sleeping in their offices as the Coalition continued to prolong the debate by using a filibuster against the government’s proposed changes to the safeguard mechanism. This mechanism is a crucial component of the plan to reduce emissions by 43% before 2030 and involves setting a limit on the carbon footprint of the nation’s largest polluters.

Originally introduced by the Coalition under Tony Abbott, the safeguard mechanism replaced the emissions trading scheme that was established during the Gillard era.

Although there was a chance that the Bill could reach its final vote on Wednesday evening, the Coalition persisted with questioning the government regarding the proposal’s impact, thus causing the debate to continue.

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